New edition 2021
XC4 Team Challenge Montenegro 2021  / 4th edition
The idea above  liaise all four task, to adventure spirit and team work.
This is opportunity for all competitors to, through completing their tasks, put on test their own capabilities in nature and win the race through team work.

Race consists of 4 parts:

-Kayak (6 km )
-MTB (8 km)
-Paragliding (12 km)
-Running (5 km)

XC 4 Challange 2020 is team competition, every team will have to have four members.

Entry fee is  25 € per competitor team.
Deadline for registration 20.09.2021!
Entry fee includes:
-Path marking;
-Timing and judges;
-Security and safety measures at risky parts od the race;
-Two days lunch package;
-Dinner and party time (Saturday) ;
-Medal and diplomas;

Arrival and accommodation of competitors
10:30 to 12:00 HQ Check in
12:30 to 16:30 Official training
18:00 HQ Brifing,
02.10.2021 Racing day
06:30 do 08:30 Breakfast HQ
09:00 Take of start position
11:00 Start Race
15:00 Finish Race
19:00 Diner and Closing Ceremony

For more inforamtion send email to:


solutuion A for north wind direction
Andrijevica- Planina Balj– Lisičije polje –  Gradski most  Berane

Race  35 km – Kayak 7 km – Bike 8 km –Paragliding 15 km – Run 5 km

Balj Opcija A

solutuion B for south wind direction
Kayak 6 km → Bike 8 km → Glide 12 km → Run 5 km =Total Race 31 km

solutuion C for north wind direction
Kayak 6 km → Bike 12 km →  Run 3 km  → Glide 7 km  =Total Race 28 km





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