7. October 2015.

events 2016


FINALParagliding club ‘Nasa krila’ this year, on 7th and 8th of october, will be organizing XC Team Challenge 2016.
The idea was, above all, to liase adventure spirit and team work. This is oportunity for all competitors to, through completing their tasks, put to test their own capabilities in nature and through team work win the race.

Race consists of 4 parts:
-Kayak (6 km )
-Bicycle (8 km)
-Paragliding (12 km)
-Running (5 km)

XC 4 Challange 2016 is team competition, every team will have to have four members.
Time will be measured using devices for measuring time (chip and base station). This device will be the relay in XC4.

Entry fee is 100€ per team (or 25€ per competitor).
Entry fee includes:
-two nights acomodation with breakfast (for Friday and Saturday – 7th and 8th of oct);
-Path marking;
-Timing and judges;
-Two day lunch package;
-Dinner (Saturday);
-Medal and diplomas;
-Security and safety measures at risky parts od the race.

07. October 2016
Arrival and accommodation of competitors

10:30 to 12:00 HQ Check in

12:30 to 16:30 Official training

18:00 HQ Brifing,

08. October 2016

06:30 do 08:30 Breakfast HQ

09:00 Take of start position

11:00 Start Race

15:00 Finish Race

18:00 Diner

19:00 Closing Ceremony – Best Team and Best Time

09. October 2016

Check out HQ 11:00


Race trace maps

solutuion A for south wind direction

Kayak 6 km → Bike 8 km → Glide 12 km → Run 5 km =Total Race 31 km

solutuion B for north wind direction

Kayak 6 km → Bike 12 km →  Run 3 km  → Glide 7 km  =Total Race 28 km


S&T_weblogo - Copy Front

Date : 5th – 8th  May 2016

05. May 2016
Arrival and accommodation of competitors
06. May 2016
10:00-15:00 Training day
16:00-17:30 First briefing and registration of competitors,  entrance fee will be 50 EUR
17:30-18:30 Open Ceremony
07. May 2016
08:00-08:30 Morning Briefing
08:30 Departure to start
09:00 Start of competition
17:00 End of the first day of competition
19:00 Dinner
08 May 2016
08:00-08:30 Morning Briefing
08:30 Departure to start
09:00 Start of the second day of competition
14:00 End of Competitions
16:00 Closing Ceremony
09 and 10 May 2016
Whole day fly excursions

Take of : Jejevica ASL 971m
Landing area: Budimlja ASL 680m
ASL Distance: 291 m
Local Transportation (Landing Zone to Take Off Zone)

Competition Kits:
Sticker of Number, T-Shirt, Lunch packet during Official Competition days

General Regulations:
FAI General Section/FAI category 2
FAI Sporting Code – Section 7C.
The Local Regulations:
Min 1 Round Max 6 Round,
after 5 Round is dropped worst individual result
Team: Max 4 competitors , three (3) best team members scores from each round counts toward team result for that round, there is no score dropping after 5th round in team scoring.
Re jumps 35Eur (if is approved)

Prizes :
1th place 500 EUR
2th place 300 EUR
3th place 200 EUR
Trophy + Certificate
All Competitors


City of Berane is located in the north east of Montenegro, and it is 150 km away from the capital Podgorica ( airport Golubovci MNE) is to reach  about 2 hours by car.  Transportation (taxi)  from Podgorica airport to Berane is 65 €  for 3  pasangers (22 EUR  per person).  For all information and reservation please send request on email: pgnasakrila@gmail.com


Event Director Zoran Jojić pgnasakrila@gmail.com
Meet Director Bojan Marsenić +38268397811
Secretary Contact per. Nina Adrović pgnasakrila@gmail.com
Coordintor for Accomodation Nina Popović pgnasakrila@gmail.com
Coordintor for Transport Nebojsa Djurisic Raca Vucetić pgnasakrila@gmail.com
Coordintor for Competition Predrag Dedović pgnasakrila@gmail.com
Tech. Delegate TBA
Safety Officer Bojan Marsenić pgnasakrila@gmail.com
Launch Marshal Bozidar Kastratović pgnasakrila@gmail.com
Chief Judge Dušan Komazec pgnasakrila@gmail.com